GPG2 is an end-to-end

Development company

with 20+ years of experience bringing new consumer products to market.




Our Expertise

GPG2 specializes in innovative product development by creating unique consumer product solutions that help solve everyday problems. Here’s our end-to-end process.

Research & Ideation

Generating and developing new product ideas through market research, product discovery, concept development, and product strategy.


Product Design

Determining and defining a product’s features and functionality through proof of concepts, sketches, 3D CAD, modeling, and product renderings.


We create functional prototypes of product ideas and designs to test the market, collect customer feedback, and prepare for manufacturing.


Our product engineers design and develop products with manufacturing processes, functionality, and feasibility top-of-mind.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

GPG2 has more than 25+ years of experience handling logistics, shipping, tooling management, and compliance management.

Marketing & Sales

Creating content, branding, crowdfunding campaigns, packaging, web assets, and online advertising to deliver a great customer experience.

Developing New Products

While Solving Problems

The proof is in the pudding! At GPG2, we’re busy working on the next product to address and solve consumer pain points.

Product Launch Illustration

End-To-End Product Development

GPG2 is an end-to-end product development company. We see every product through from start to finish. We specialize in bringing the highest quality consumer products to market, from concept to launch.

Latest GPG2 Products

Check out our latest products! At GPG2, we’re proud of our dedication to developing innovative products and bringing them to market.

Mobile Safe Case
ESC Flip Pro Keyboard Stand
ESC Keyboard Stand 1st Generation
Essential Oil Case

Meet The GPG2 Team

It takes a dedicated team of people with a common goal to bring new innovative products to market.

George Gruber

George Gruber


Daniel Tang

Daniel Tang

VP of Marketing

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